Meet the Heads of the day-to-day operations at School, our Principal and Vice Principals, under the wise advisorship of the Consultant Principal and the Board of Governors.

Vice Principal

Lieu Cheow Fong

School Leadership

Meet our Heads of Departments (HOD) whose responsibilities span across academic, non-academic and social-relational affairs in school to ensure a well-rounded and holistic educational experience for your child!

Heads of Department


Paulus Lee

Vice Principal

Hon Shin Yi

School Community Relations Department

Gao Dan Dan

Leadership & Co-Curriculum Department

Ryan Nair

Curriculum, Assessment & Resources Department

M Teebhasree Manimalan



Shamre Liew

Panel Heads

Meet our Panel Heads! They are the head teachers for each subject offered in the school to ensure quality teaching, learning and assessment for the students.


Homanarayani Sivaguru


Chan Pik Cheng


Dhurga Devi Balakrishnan


Joan Lee Xing Ern

Other Languages &

Practical Subjects

Malissa Mohamed

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