Principal’s Message

Principal's message

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Empowering lives through holistic education is what we strive to provide to every student who comes our way. We look to forward this cause through the Five A Goals.

Firstly, we seek to promote ACADEMIC brilliance by nurturing the whole person. We use the Cambridge curriculum, which is known to be flexible, challenging, inspiring, culturally sensitive yet international in approach. This results in students who are known to develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning, as well as are equipped with the essential skills they need for success in life. Apart from that, it is a renowned international curriculum recognised by the world’s best universities and employers, giving our students a wide range of options in their education and career paths.

Fostering outstanding ATTITUDES through character building and leadership development is the Heart of Seri Jubli. The House System of Seri Jubli is one we take pride in where students belong to a group, where apart from striving to be the Champion House of the year, leadership skills and character can be constantly nurtured and developed as they work and collaborate together as a House. In addition, Leaderonomics and Character First Education (CFE) are the two programs all students participate in, as we believe character development plays a vital role in the lives of our students.

We encourage ADAPTABILITY by strengthening students' resilience and determination through the approaches we take in our Co- Curricular Activities (CCA), which stimulate and develop the skills of the students. Through this, we seek to cultivate the heart and passion in our students. Activities are designed to challenge the boundaries and capacity of students in a conducive and positive manner, to hone their ability to be versatile in a volatile world.

Community projects and outreach are factored into the learning process to inspire selfless ACTS of kindness and generosity. However, in order to foster that, it starts with showing kindness and care within the school community itself. Our teachers are the models for our students, and our students in turn, demonstrate this kindness to one another all across the school community. This is highlighted through our annual School Camp where the key theme is Generosity and Gratitude.

Last but not least, we seek to motivate the students to ASPIRE towards excellence. We emphasise the importance of establishing relationships and support groups as we journey through this process of learning and growth. This enables them to be the best they can possibly be in whatever they do, and wherever they go. Teacher-student rapport is deeply rooted into our culture, as we believe personal impact is most effective and powerful.

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