House System

Aeris . Aqua . Ignis . Terra

As is the practice of many British schools, Seri Jubli International School adopts a House system. The House system has proven to have many benefits, including:


● Pastoral care of students

● Peer care (Mentoring & buddy system)

● Ease of organisation of students to facilitate leadership

● Efficient grouping for competitions, activities (e.g sports day, club time, in-school celebrations)

● Providing an avenue for positive reinforcement (e.g. through house points)

● Providing an avenue for friendly competition (e.g. through house points)  

The four houses - Aeris, Aqua, Ignis and Terra - are named after the four classical elements in Latin, which refer to the elements of air, water, fire and earth, which were thought to explain the nature and complexity of ALL matter and life.

Thus, the House system at SJIS also forms the basis of most of school life. Each student is sorted into one of the four houses, and remains in it until graduation. Each house performs duties, takes part in competitions, celebrates accomplishments, and takes care of its members throughout the school year. Amidst all of these, students form a sense of family and belonging with their housemates.


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