Co-curricular Activities

Every academic year, students are presented with the opportunity to explore and engage in a variety of co-curricular activities. These clubs are designed to foster the development of soft skills, encourage exploration of diverse learning methods and abilities, broaden students' perspectives, and expand their potential aspirations. Concurrently, SJIS aims to equip students with competitive proficiency across various domains. Check out the CCA clubs offered this year!

Primary CCA Clubs
- Art & Craft - Cooking
- Gymrobics & Board Games
- Captain’s Ball
- Drama/Public Speaking 

Secondary CCA Clubs
- Music
- Drama
- Futsal
- St. John Ambulance
- Boys Brigade
- Media
- Netball
- Badminton
- Cooking
- Science Savy Squad
- Art

Optional CCA Clubs (After-school)

- Debate

- Byteseeker

- Basketball Female 

 *The availability of clubs is subject to change based on students' interests and needs, as well as teachers' expertise.

SJIS also provides optional extracurricular classes for various subjects, skills, and interests, available for an additional fee. If students are interested, these after-school activities aim to further develop and enhance their existing skills or passions.

ECA Clubs for 2024:
- Bowling
- Taekwondo
- Swimming (Secondary only)
- Baking (Primary only)
- Ukulele (Primary only)
- Basketball (Primary only)
Addressing the needs of Personal and Social Development (PSD), Seri Jubli International School has collaborated with Leaderonomics since 2018, offering weekly lessons and practical applications to our secondary students. Leaderonomics Malaysia is dedicated to leadership development, providing programmes, workshops, and coaching sessions to enhance leadership skills within individuals and organisations. Additionally, it leads MAD (Make a Difference) Projects, focused on community impact, and organises LEAD Conventions, facilitating the exchange of insights and networking opportunities among leaders. Leaderonomics aims to equip leaders to foster positive change and facilitate growth. 

Throughout the academic year, students have opportunities to apply these teachings across various leadership roles, including house leaders, prefects, sports representatives, club presidents, librarians, class monitors, and more. Through MAD Projects, our students actively engage in community initiatives with orphanages, nursing homes, refugee schools, community centres, and more.

 As part of Leaderonomics, SJIS has had the privilege of hosting the Johor LEAD Convention for three consecutive years, welcoming student leaders from many schools all over Malaysia. Additionally, our students have travelled to different cities such as Kedah and Sabah to participate in and assist with their LEAD Conventions. 

“The main thing I learned at the Kedah LEAD Convention is how to inspire people and work as a team because without my teammates, I don't think I could have done the presentation well. As a facilitator, I made a lot of new friends from many different states like Kedah, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur. Although I was the facilitator, I also learned something from them too. During the planning session, I found that they had many ideas for their M.A.D. Project, and this was their first time hearing about and planning this project. Additionally, I was able to improve my language skills because I needed to get to know them well and blend in; I needed to speak Malay. So, after leading the convention, my Malay has improved a lot.” - Le Canny, Year 11

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