Primary school students (Key stage 1 & Key stage 2) undergo CHARACTER FIRST EDUCATION, whilst Secondary school students (Key stage 3 & Key stage 4) undergo LEADERONOMICS training. Click on the icons to learn more about our partners!


Addressing the personal and social developmental (PSD) needs, Seri Jubli International School has partnered with LEADERONOMICS and CHARACTER FIRST EDUCATION - award-winning and internationally recognized providers of character formation and leadership skills development and application. These professional trainers provide, both theoretical lessons and applications once a week.


Throughout the year, students will be given opportunities to apply these lessons in various leadership roles like: House Leaders, Prefects, Sports representatives, Duty managers, Club presidents, Librarians, Class monitors etc.

Clubs (CCA)

Students will have an opportunity to learn about and sign up for the many activities available every academic year by choosing ONE club from each of the TWO CCA categories:


  • Sports

 (including Basketball, Badminton, Dance club, etc.)

  • Skills & performing arts

(including Cooking, Art & Design, Drama club, etc.)


These sports clubs and skills & performing arts clubs, conducted alternatingly every week are focused to expose students to soft skills, helping them explore different learning styles and skills, expanding their horizons and options for who they aspire to be. At the same time, SJIS hopes to groom students towards being competitive in a larger scale in these various skills as well.


Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

Should students be interested in engaging extra curricular activities after school hours to further widen their skills set or reinforce an existing skill or interest, SJIS also provides optional classes for various subjects, skills & interest. These extra curricular activities occur every Friday 1:30-3:00pm, unless special arrangements are made.

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