Our Campus


Research has shown that school facilities play a crucial role in the learning and growing experiences of the students. The purpose-built campus has been designed and equipped with layout to provide the most conducive environment for learning; all classrooms are air conditioned.



• Multipurpose Hall – with 4 badminton courts and caters to major school functions

• Science laboratories

• Library

• Canteen

• ICT Lab

• Basketball court

• Football field

• Performing theatre, dance studio ad music studio


我们的校园 研究显示,优质的校园环境与设施在学生的学习和成长过程中扮演着重要的角色。因此,我们重点打造一个在设计与实用性布局上适宜学习的校园;所有的教室都备有冷气。 学校设备: ● 多功能活动礼堂:包括4个羽毛球场,主要用于校内大型活动 ● 科学实验室 ● 图书馆 ● 食堂 ● 电脑及资讯室 ● 篮球场 ● 足球场 ● 表演剧场,舞蹈室,音乐室

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